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Porto in Portugal

The town that brought us port wine! That should already be giving you good signs! Porto is one of my personal favourite destinations to visit during the summer for the views, the sun and also, for me one of the most important things, the fresh seafood!

Having the luxury to walk anywhere you want and still feeling the sun on your back and being able to smell the fresh sea air is an experience that I highly recommend for all.

The food is beyond spectacular with how fresh it is and the views of the ocean are just immensely immersive so that you could just sit on the beach and stare at it all day.


Our Guide to escaping the City

We here at Air world know that when people go on holiday they don't want to go from one city to another city somewhere else! People are looking for the beach and the sun and to leave their suits at home and get out outdoors and experience new things! Because of this we have created the top 3 holiday locations to visit this summer so drop your suitcase and grab your swimming trunks and flip-flops!

Rome - Italy

Italy! The home of pizza, Ice cream and the Colosseum. There is such a historical presence that Rome has always possessed that keeps those who are really interested in history always coming back for more. History has and always been one of the most visited sites in the world for history and Sightseeing.

Rome is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful countries in the world. Things like the Colosseum and the Pantheon completely take your breath away with just the sheer size of the building and the history carved into each piece of stone is just completely overwhelming.

The city is constantly bustling and always full of life no matter what time you decide to go outside and there will always be something to do within the heart and out of the main city!

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