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Porto in Portugal

The town that brought us port wine! That should already be giving you good signs! Porto is one of my personal favourite destinations to visit during the summer for the views, the sun and also, for me one of the most important things, the fresh seafood!

Having the luxury to walk anywhere you want and still feeling the sun on your back and being able to smell the fresh sea air is an experience that I highly recommend for all.

The food is beyond spectacular with how fresh it is and the views of the ocean are just immensely immersive so that you could just sit on the beach and stare at it all day.


Family Holiday Hints and Tricks

We understand when going on holiday with children of any age, especially those over the age of 1 month old, can be very stressful as a family! In many families when they are going away on holiday with my young babies that are crying and aunties over packing and then repacking everything to make sure everything was there! It can be a nightmare!

Family holidays don't always need to be utter chaos, use our easy hints and tips that will help you have an enjoyable holiday with all of your family without the fuss.

The Location

Go to places like Rome and Portugal on holiday instead of Greece if you have young children. In places like Rome and Portugal there are huge amounts of towns and cities that you can visit and take push chairs and bags with you and easily take your child around where as in places like Crete it was all hills and valleys and beaches which are lovely but the accessibility for young children would be horrendous. We know now that there are accessibility push chairs designed for holidays, take advantage of the equipment available and get a convenient push chair for your family holiday.

You Can Never Be Too Prepared

Always pack at least two nights before, so when someone in your family eventually Says "I don't have a towel" you will have time the night before to actually find them a towel instead of the morning an hour before the flight!


I highly recommend that you ensure that when you have all of the proper paperwork sorted out beforehand. Make sure that you have any document printed out that you might need; travel insurance, booking references, passports. You can never be too prepared.

Be Ahead of Schedule

To reduce the stress of a family holiday, get to airport in plenty of time and enjoy the family friendly facilities and many of the popular airports in the UK. Make sure if you are getting a flight to your destination that you smile and be polite to those around you so that if a younger family member kicked us a fuss that the fellow passengers will be positive and support you.

If you would like more hints and tricks please contact us on 07516 391 430.

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